Yorktown Needs Underhill Farms

Yorktown Needs Underhill Farms

New vitality for downtown | A new senior center | Remedies for traffic congestion
Historic preservation | Crucial revenue for our government as costs soar

Underhill Farm, to be developed on the former Soundview Preparatory School site, will create a high-quality, walkable community with 148 much-needed homes for families and seniors. It will include public walkways, shops, and a restaurant, all a short walk from Yorktown Height’s businesses – all sure to make Underhill Farms a vital part of our community!

Benefits of Yorktown

New senior housing for our community: 148 townhouse units, condominiums and
apartments, including 118 senior-friendly units, plus new retail options for the community.

$1 million in taxes: Underhill Farms will provide more than $1 million in tax revenue
each year for schools and local government – from property that was off the tax rolls for
three decades.

$1 million in restorations: The historic Underhill House will be carefully restored to
its original 19th century elegance, preserving an important piece of Yorktown’s past for
future generations.

Public access, parklike setting: The public will be welcome to stroll the walking trails around the pond, providing a park at no cost to taxpayers.

Major funding to address long-term traffic issues: Underhill Farms will spend $150,000
to address any vehicular additions from its community. What’s more, Underhill Farm
will donate an additional $450,000 toward design and construction improvements at the
intersection of Underhill Avenue and Route 118, which is the location of long-term traffic
congestion during peak travel times.

Finally, a new senior center for Yorktown: Underhill Farms will include an access road
to the Beaveridge Senior Apartments and 30 needed parking spaces for a long-awaited
senior center. Without this new parking area, the senior center will not be built. With the approval of Underhill Farm, the new Yorktown senior center will finally become a reality!