Underhill Farms Would Benefit Yorktown, Seniors who want to stay local

May 2, 2023

It happens time and time again. Older couples leave Westchester County and New York because they cannot find a nearby home where they can downsize and stay in the community they love.

Underhill Farms, a proposed campus on Underhill Avenue, would offer a solution. That is a key reason why the Yorktown Planning Board needs to approve this well-planned development.

Underhill Farms will be building 148 housing units, which will include condos, townhouses and apartments. Of those 148, 72 will be earmarked for those 55 and older. That means 72 local families could choose to stay in Yorktown and be conveniently close to the shopping and business district on Route 118. Plus, if Underhill Farms is approved, Yorktown’s seniors would now have two additional large rooms built on the Beaver Ridge property in addition to the senior center that we now have.

Our senior population is growing by leaps and bounds and these two rooms would solve our problem for much-needed space for our activities and support staff. For that to happen, this would require a certain amount of parking. Guess where that parking is coming from? Underhill Farms is including those spaces in its building plan, at no cost to the town or taxpayers.

Thank you to everyone for your support.

Jennie Menton
70-year Yorktown resident