Underhill Farms Would Help Stabilize Yorktown Taxes

Underhill Farms Would Help Stabilize Yorktown Taxes
May 23, 2023   Examiner Media

The price of everything is up everywhere. Inflation has hit record levels. And you know what that means: eventually, our taxes are going to rise, too.

One way to try to keep taxes under control is for the town to get more revenue. The plan to build Underhill Farms in Yorktown Heights would do that. The project – homes, some retail space – would mean about $1 million a year in tax revenue with the benefit of having trails and park areas for the public. Do we want to say no to $1 million a year? We can’t afford to.

Yorktown needs the revenue, and the community needs what Underhill Farms would bring. This is a no-brainer. The more money Yorktown brings in, the less likely it will need to ask residents to pay more in taxes. Underhill Farms needs to be approved quickly.

Daryl Lindholm
Jefferson Village