Underhill Farms Would Help Address Yorktown Senior Housing Shortage

Underhill Farms Would Help Address Yorktown Senior Housing Shortage
May 23, 2023   Examiner Media

It is no secret that it’s difficult for older couples or single seniors to find suitable housing in Yorktown, where they enjoyed the company of their friends and their neighbors, their churches and familiar shopping close to home, not to mention they paid their taxes in Yorktown for many, many years.

Having served on boards and committees in Yorktown for over 50 years, I understand the difficulty in navigating the many local laws and remaining within the guidelines. However, people are living longer thanks to medical advancements, and we as a responsible town should not force seniors out of town due to scarcity of housing options. Our boards should evaluate the local laws to conform with the current needs of our community.

Seniors are encouraged to make sensible decisions for their future. According to their personal circumstance, downsizing is an option for physical and financial reasons, or to avoid isolation.

The Underhill Farms project is an example of a solution to the housing needs of seniors, where 70-plus units will be set aside for those 55 and older. The seniors will provide much-needed customers for local businesses. Seniors shop locally, and many do not drive during peak commuter times. Incorporating green building practices, the project was designed by a world-renowned architect to fit the growing needs of Yorktown’s senior community. The campus will include public walking trails, a pond and open space.

When making a decision on this project, please give serious consideration to the seniors that could benefit. The project will help revitalize our downtown.

RoseMarie Panio Chairwoman, Yorktown Senior Advisory Committee