Underhill Farms Will Preserve Yorktown’s History

Last week, I watched the presentation to the Yorktown Town Board about the Underhill Farms project planned for the former Soundview Preparatory School property.

For weeks, I’ve read letters about this project that suggested it would somehow jeopardize the historical significance of the property. Based on the presentation to the Town Board, I believe nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, it seems that moving forward with this project is actually the key to preserving the Underhill legacy and making it truly accessible for all Yorktown residents.

The developer seems to have taken great care to preserve the historic aspects of the property by hiring a preservation expert and planning to invest $1 million to restore the Underhill house (and $250,000 or more each year to maintain it). Equally important, the plans include relocating the Yorktown Museum and the Heritage Preservation Commission to the Underhill house and opening the house to the public to make it the center of the town’s historic preservation efforts moving forward.

As a lifelong Yorktown resident, I for one am extremely pleased by what I heard, and I think it’s great for our town’s history and our future.

Underhill Farms Will Preserve Yorktown’s History – TAPinto