Underhill Farms Will Improve Yorktown

There are so many negative comments about this project.

“It will increase traffic”; we already have traffic. This developer’s plan is to enhance the traffic flow at Route 118 and Underhill Avenue. We can use that.

Residents are under the impression the beautiful main building will be destroyed. This building is going to be saved in its 1800s condition. They plan to organize the interior and open it up to the residents of Yorktown. The interior architecture of this building is magnificent. It will be saved for the residents of Yorktown to enjoy, be it a café, a museum, or a meeting place. Everyone is worried about this, but how many have actually been in that building?

There is concern over the other structures on the property; again, who has actually seen these structures. They are mostly dilapidated, mold-infested and a liability.

The plan, as presented, shows three types of community living for seniors. Townhouse living, condominium living, and rental living. This covers a nice diversity for our seniors and their lifestyles. Allowing them to stay in the town they want to stay in; bringing in millions of real estate tax dollars; continuing to shop in our stores; and having no affect on our school system (another concern out there).

The property will still have plenty of trees and will conserve the main building with its history. Yorktown has many old structures that were once home to historical residents from the 1800s that are now utilized as businesses. “Progress with Preservation” We need to grow. The traffic is not going to go away. Let that traffic stop and shop and visit some of the history we have to offer. Let that additional tax revenue fix our infrastructure and help out our schools. Get the facts on the growth from all sides. Not just the negative from those that do not want to see this town grow and move forward.

Underhill Farms Will Improve Yorktown | TAPinto