Underhill Farms Is Right for Yorktown

This letter was written in response to last week’s letter by Christina Beecher (“Underhill Farms Is Not in Yorktown’s Best Interest”).

The Underhill Farms project will preserve many fine attributes of open space and offer the town the needed historical building to house many town purposes. I challenge the fact that the space is needed to be preserved exactly in its current configuration, and the new proposal will be available to everyone, whereas the current one I’m guessing has never been visited by 95 percent of the town residents.

Where you say you have lived here for 20 years and value seeing the trees as you drive to the Taconic, think for a second that if that was the town philosophy, your house would never have been built.

This project is well thought out and offers many people the opportunity to stay in town while adding much-needed assessables to the tax roll.

Underhill Farms Is Right for Yorktown | TAPinto