Underhill Farms Is a Winner

As a lifetime Yorktown resident, I’ve seen decades worth of changes in our town. I believe it’s important that we protect Yorktown’s history, while we grow. Two weeks ago, I read a letter in this paper about the plan to redevelop the former Soundview Preparatory School. It seems to me that the letter’s author is uninformed about what’s been proposed for the property and, in fact, the plan delivers what the writer is looking for—and more. It will fully renovate the historic Underhill house and add a new cafe, retail, and other space for the town and public to use. That’s almost everything the writer wants and I don’t see any reason why Yorktown’s museum couldn’t be relocated to the building, too.  On the property itself, the plan would fully renovate the pond and add walking trails and seating and a new pedestrian entrance at the corner of Underhill Avenue and Route 118. And it would all be open to the public. Again, I think the plan includes almost everything the writer wanted.

This project strikes an important balance. It preserves the Underhill house and adds great new features for people to enjoy. It creates new housing that we desperately need for senior citizens. And instead of costing taxpayers money to build and maintain, it will generate over $1 million in new tax revenue every year for our schools and local government. I think the Underhill Farms property is exactly what Yorktown needs and I can’t wait to enjoy it.

Underhill Farms Is a Winner | TAPinto