Letter to the Editor

Published April 21, 2023 at 10:36 AM

Dear Editor,

Well, here we go again. A few civic-minded residents think they have all the answers. The truth is that their loudly trumpeted complaints are fiction.

Some examples of what the community needs to know about the proposed Underhill Farm:

Fact: Being old does not make something historic. There is only one building on the property, the main house, that dates to what historians say is a period of significance. Underhill Farms plans to invest $1 million to preserve and enhance the mansion. The remaining buildings on the property have been meticulously inspected by a historical preservation expert. Those buildings, now dilapidated, were deemed historically insignificant.

Fact: Underhill Farms has the only remedy to fix the traffic problems at the Underhill Avenue-Route 118 intersection. No one else has proposed a plan and there is no municipal money allocated or funds from elsewhere to pay for the improvements. Underhill Farms plans to provide $450,000 to fix the intersection, and other funds coming from future tax abatements on improvements to the property. Please don’t underestimate the importance of this traffic solution. There have been 27 accidents at the intersection since 2019. These improvements will reduce wait time at the intersection and be safer for pedestrians.

Fact: Underhill Farm’s development plan fully complies with the Yorktown tree ordinance, one of the most stringent in Westchester County. Of the 523 trees the Underhill Farms plans to remove, approximately 200 are either dead, invasive or not native to the area. Underhill Farms would plant in excess of 300 trees that blend well and are native to our area.

Fact: The senior center needs the parking on the Underhill Farms property to be built.

It’s a shame that a straightforward development project has to continually clarify the truth because others can’t handle the truth.
– Brian Wolfson

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