Benefits of Underhill Farm – old

Underhill Farm is a public-private partnership that provides a wide variety of benefits to Yorktown residents and taxpayers. Incorporating green building practices, the project was designed by a world-renowned architect to fit the growing needs of Yorktown’s senior community. Underhill Farm will provide millions of dollars in benefits and services to Yorktown residents at no cost to local taxpayers and enhance the Town’s quality of life.


Benefits include:

$1 Million in New Tax Revenue

For three decades, the property which housed the former Soundview Preparatory School has been off the tax roll. When completed, Underhill Farm will provide more than $1 million in additional tax revenue each year for schools and local government.

$1 Million to Restore the Underhill House

The centerpiece of Underhill Farm will be the restoration of the historic Underhill House and its reopening to the public. This will require an investment of nearly $1 million to preserve this piece of Yorktown’s history for future generations. Historic preservation experts and restoration professionals will be involved at every step of the renovation project.

$850,000 To Restore Yorktown’s Historic Ice Pond

Underhill Farm will create a park-like setting that will be open to public use. Through $850,000 in environmentally-conscious investment, Yorktown’s historic ice pond will be renovated and complimented by a new park, walking trails and seating. The pond used to be the primary source of ice for town residents, which was stored in the lower level of the Underhill House. The project will also help address the continuous water runoff problem from Glenrock Street.

$250,000 in Annual Maintenance Costs

At no cost to taxpayers, $250,000 will be spent each year to maintain the Underhill House and the grounds which will be all available for public use.

$300,000 For A New Community Gateway

To connect Underhill Farm to Yorktown Heights’ adjacent central business district, the project invests $300,000 to restore the historic community gateway with a new pedestrian promenade near the intersection of Rte. 118 and Underhill Avenue, as well as new walks and bridges.

$630,000 for Traffic Mitigation

Underhill Farm will help mitigate existing traffic congestion at the intersection of Rte. 118 and Underhill Avenue.  After working with a Yorktown engineer to conduct an extensive analysis and develop a traffic mitigation plan, Underhill Farm will invest $630,000 in new signals, an ADA-compliant crosswalk, a connection to Beaveridge Senior Apartments and a new turning lane.  With more than 80% of the new housing specially-designed for seniors, Underhill Farms will produce far less additional vehicular activity that other similarly-sized projects.

$500,000 For Parking And Access To Senior Facilities

Underhill Farm is located next to Beaveridge Senior Apartments. Underhill Farm will include a new access road enabling first responders to quickly reach Beaveridge residents. In addition, Underhill Farm will provide a 30-spot parking lot for use by new facility being constructed for the Town’s senior center and Parks and Recreation Department. The access road and parking lot are being provided at no cost to taxpayers.

Underhill House Amenities

To ensure Underhill Farm becomes a meeting spot for the Yorktown community, the renovated Underhill House will include a new café and talks are underway to provide a presence for the Yorktown Historical Society in the building. Throughout the development of the project, historic preservation experts and restoration professionals have been retained to ensure that the utmost care is taken to protect the site’s historic aspects. As part of this commitment to historic preservation, various features from the existing buildings will be reused in the new construction.